Friday, August 9, 2013

Welcome Back.

It's been way to long, but the ladies of EtaO are back to blogging.Starting fresh on updating and re-doing our current blog but within time I hope to have everything up to date. 

School is right around the corner which means Fall Recruitment is coming up rather quickly as well. To get excited and prepared for school and recruitment we decided to start off with a little fun. Today, all the sisters of EtaO meet at school and headed to Dwight Mission, Oklahoma (haha-heard of it? Yeah, not many of us had) but surprising it was about a 30/45 minute drive. (Not to shabby :) ) Once we arrived, we of course had to use the bathroom and snap some pictures.

 After pictures, we got back into our cars to drive down a sketch road (not lying) to where we would challenge ourselves at a high ropes challenge. (Yeah- we were all a little scared :00 ) But that's what sisters are for. Each sister was very supportive and encouraging for the high and low moments we faced. Honestly, it was just a great day to be a Delta Gamma.  :)
Tomorrow:) is our last Recruitment workshop day before Fall Recruitment. We all are very excited and happy for the upcoming school year to meet and find new sisters to welcome into our family .

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  1. Y'all are going to have a wonderful recruitment! So happy to be working with the sisters of Eta Omicron this year!
    Janet Vidrine
    Region 3 Collegiate Specialist